What is a public road?

A road is a space used for circulation or movement. The notion of public , on the other hand, has several uses: in this case, we are interested in its meaning as that which belongs to the entire population (and which, therefore, is not private).

The idea of ​​a public road, in this way, is used to name the places where people circulate, whether on foot or in some type of vehicle. The roads, streets, trails, avenues and highways (vias) that are open to the community are part of the public road.

It is up to the State to regulate the operation of public roads. Through various laws and regulations, it seeks to organize the use of these spaces and minimize the risk of accidents. The authorities, in this sense, determine which vehicles can circulate on the road, under what conditions, etc. Private roads, on the other hand, are solely up to their owners. Suppose, in a field, a man builds a road from his house to a barn. This person will be responsible for ensuring the correct use of the road. It is important to remember that public roads can be concessioned to the private sector. This is what happens when the State grants the concession of a highway to a company that charges a toll to circulate. Although the highway is part of the public road, its use is not free, but is subject to the payment of the toll in question. In Spain, with the implementation of what is conventionally called the Gag Law, numerous actions prohibited from being carried out on public roads were instituted. Specifically, among the most significant are the following:

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-Project of lights for drivers who circulate in their vehicles in the referred lane, as this can distract them or prevent a correct vision, which can lead to an accident.

– It causes disorders of different types.

– Disobey the existing authority or refuse to show you the requested documentation.

– Asking for or enjoying sexual activities in areas that are part of the public road and, in particular, those that occur in areas close to the transit of minors is absolutely prohibited. With the latter, they refer to parks and schools, for example.

-Consumption of drugs on public roads.

– Hold assemblies, meetings or demonstrations without having previously requested the authorization relevant to existing organizations. In recent months, there has also been a notable rejection by certain quarters that women can breastfeed their babies on public roads. Thus, there have been numerous cases of insults to these women for considering that what they do is obscene and should not be shown, as it is part of the strictest privacy. However, against this, a part of society has stood up saying that it is something totally natural.

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