What is a provocative comb?

Curly or wavy hair may need to be straightened and smoothed before being styled.

A tease comb is a comb specifically designed to aid in the process of combing or combing your hair back for added volume and lift. Most provocative combs have a solid handle for use and lots of teeth above the handle for combing. Below the handle will usually be one or more long teeth that can be used to help separate the hair into smaller sections to work with. These longer teeth are similar to a rat tail comb or comb and give the teasing comb a distinctive look.

The teasing comb is typically used during the hair styling process to add volume or to create a large hairstyle such as a beehive or bouffant. While these particular hair styles have lost popularity since the 1950s, when they were more common, the hair styling process has continued in use to create body or volume in fine or straight hair. While a teasing comb may not be strictly necessary to comb your hair properly, the handle and handle at the bottom often make the process easier and more manageable.

Hair that is to be combed is usually straightened and smoothed before combing. Curly or wavy hair can naturally have more support and body, but hair that isn’t flat is more likely to tangle and be damaged during the styling process. This straightening is usually easiest to do using a natural bristle brush to ensure even brushing and complete detangling. Once the hair is smoothed and detangled, the real teasing can be done.

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A person’s hair is separated into smaller curls that are individually worked on. The pick at the bottom of the comb can be used to help separate hair for work, or a person can use their hands to do this. For a professional, the pick at the bottom of the comb can often make the process go faster, especially since training and practice have made the entire procedure of parting hair with the comb and then playing with the comb into one continuous, fluid motion. .

Using a small lock of hair at a time, the hair is pulled away from the head, usually held upright with one hand. The hair is then combed in the opposite direction of normal, starting at the tip of the hair and working towards the scalp in several short, sharp strokes. Normally, the regular teeth of the teasing comb are used for this process and the quick bursts of combing create the volume and body characterized by teasing.

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