What is a property title? (with photo)

A deed of ownership is a legal document that is used to prove ownership of a piece of property.

A deed of ownership is a legal document that is used to prove ownership of a piece of property. Most commonly, property titles are used as proof of ownership of homes and vehicles, although technically a title deed can be issued for another form of property. In many regions of the world, a property title confers certain rights and privileges on the person who owns it, and such titles are necessary in situations where people wish to transfer ownership of their property.

A typical property title includes a description of the property in question, worded so that it cannot be confused with another property, along with the name of the person who legally owns the property; multiple people can also be listed on a property title. An official seal is used to indicate that the deed has been registered and is usually signed by the owner and a witness, who may be a regional official or notary.

Titles to property do not necessarily imply ownership. For example, if Mary Jones buys a car and her name is listed on the title, she can still lend her car to a friend. Or Mary Jones could buy the car with a loan, which could mean the bank would keep the title as collateral, but she would own the car. Likewise, Bob Mackay could buy a house, receive title to the property, and then rent it out, so that his tenants would own it. In these examples, the rightful owner of the property could repossess it, using the title to the property to enforce its rights.

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Typically, property titles are kept in a safe place because they are official legal documents, and getting a new legal copy if a title is lost or stolen can be a pain. Many people like to make copies of their title deeds in case the original is lost or damaged so they have a temporary measure in place. Since a physical property title can be used to initiate a transfer of ownership, it’s a good idea to keep these titles in a safe place so they can’t be stolen and used to transfer ownership to someone else.

When a property is sold, a new title deed is issued with the owner’s name. However, sometimes people don’t want to sell a property, but want to add someone to the title, for one reason or another. People should think carefully before doing this, because once someone’s name is in the title, he or she has legal control of the property, and that can become a problem. To add someone, it is necessary to go to an agency dealing in property titles, such as a Department of Motor Vehicles for automobiles, or a real estate title company, and then a written application is completed for the issuance of a new title with the name or additional names.

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