What is a Post Binding?

Connection posts can be found on amplifiers.

Jumper posts are a type of connector often used on various types of electronic equipment, particularly units that are designed to test current flows. It’s not uncommon to find a mandatory post on things like speakers and amplifiers. There are several different types of poles in use today, although each design essentially serves the same purpose and function.

A basic binding post is made up of a metal rod that is threaded and a threaded cap that is screwed onto the rod. Often, the cap is color coded, making it easy to determine what type of charge should flow through the column. A red cap indicates a positive charge, while a black cap indicates a negative charge. When the pole is intended to be used as a grounding pole, the cover is normally green.

Poles of this type serve as a means of connecting electrical wires to the terminal box of an electrical device. In most projects, the wires are connected by winding them around the pole. Once the wires are in place, a nut is used to hold them in place. When wires are connected to the proper pole terminals, the end result is an efficient flow of power to the device. This setup makes it very easy to connect speakers to sound systems or quickly add an amplifier to many different musical instruments.

There are also different types of plugs that can be used with a fixing pin. Plugs are normally plugged into the wiring, which makes it easy to complete the connection. Even with plugs present, it is not uncommon for a nut to still be used to ensure that the connection between the plug and the pin is secure. Several of these designs are common in converters that translate analog and digital signals, stereo systems, and some brands of televisions.

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Pin connectors are a commonly used type of plug with an attachment pin. With this design, the post itself has a small hole in the middle of the post. A corresponding pin is located in the middle of the pin connector. When the pin is inserted into the hole in the column and then secured using a nut, the connection is established and a signal can be carried from one device to another. This arrangement is common with establishing a connection between a television and an antenna, a cable that goes to a satellite dish, or even a cable that carries the signal from the local cable television service provider.

In general, the maintenance of a binding post requires nothing more than keeping the equipment and the pole away from excess moisture. Posts tend to last at least the lifetime of the devices they serve, and some can even be harvested to be repurposed with other devices. You can also buy replacement poles from electronics retailers and other stores if a pole is damaged and no longer works.

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