What is a plucking machine?

Chicken feathers are removed by placing the dead bird on a rotating drum equipped with rubber-like fingers that remove the feathers by abrasion.

A plucking machine is an automated machine made for plucking feathers from domestic birds and is generally used in poultry processing to pluck dead birds. Most plucking machine units can process many types of birds, although some may have problems with heavier birds such as turkeys. Depending on the model and method, most pluckers take anywhere from one to six minutes to completely pluck all of a bird’s feathers. There are several different plucking methods and common methods include wet, dry and waxing. This machine usually applies a lot of force to remove the feathers from the birds, but it usually does not damage the skin.

A plucking machine can be used to ward off dead birds.

Most plucking machine units are capable of processing many types of birds. For example, a machine can process ducks, chickens, quails and wild birds without any problems. Heavier birds such as large ducks and turkeys can be difficult for some machines. This means that the user should not process a bird that is too heavy for the plucker; otherwise it may jam or the birds may not be fully plucked.

There are many types of plucking machine units, and most of them can pluck a bird within a similar time window. Fast models can complete the epilation in about a minute, while slower models take up to six minutes. Slower models can be more efficient, because faster models tend to have a slightly higher chance of leaving some feathers intact. Most machines also have a slide that allows all the features to easily slide out of the machine once removed.

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Depending on the user’s preference and the type of bird they are processing, several different plucking methods can be used to best remove feathers. The dry method uses no liquid and has no initial preparation; the bird is plucked as is. With the wet method, the bird will normally be soaked in boiling water by the machine, which normally helps loosen and remove the feathers. Waxing is typically used for birds with larger feathers, and waxing adds weight to the feathers, making them easier for the machine to remove.

When a poultry plucking machine is at work, the process is rarely smooth and delicate. Instead, the bird is typically thrown or spun with a lot of speed and force to better remove feathers. Although there is a lot of force applied, most plucking machine units do not harm the bird. This means that the skin and muscle tissue will be intact and only the feathers will be removed.

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