What is a partial basement? (with photos)

A full or partial basement can provide homeowners with security during severe storms.

A basement is an excavated area beneath a dwelling. A full basement refers to a basement that is the same width and length dimensions as the house above, while a partial basement is usually smaller. This type of basement generally refers to excavation that extends only half the length or width of the above-ground structure.

Some partial basements are entirely underground, while others are excavated as “daylight” basements. This is a popular type of basement excavation for home construction because it allows one or more sides of the basement to be partially or completely above ground. This type of basement can have windows to let in sunlight and generally makes the basement area more adaptable. For example, fully underground basements may not be suitable for living areas or bedrooms, as most homeowners prefer windows in these types of spaces. A partial basement with windows, however, can often be converted into bedrooms that are indistinguishable from above-ground living areas.

Partial basements are excavated under a house.

Converting a partial basement to a living area may not be a viable option if the basement is not built of stone or concrete. Sometimes basements are earthen, meaning the area below the structure has been excavated but not closed off or reinforced. This type of basement is the equivalent of a large hole dug under the house, and finishing this type of basement after the structure above it is complete is usually a very expensive task.

Some partial basements are entirely underground, while others are excavated as “daylight” basements.

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Partial earthen basements are most often found in very old structures, before the use of poured concrete was common. This type of basement used to be called a basement. Back then, homeowners often used these areas as places to store their plants during the winter months. In addition, the cellar often provides an ideal environment for storing vegetables, such as potatoes, that require darkness for long periods of storage.

Homes or other structures that offer a full or partial basement are generally preferable for a variety of reasons. Not only can the basement be converted into living space, but it can also be used for storage or recreation. Also, a basement can sometimes provide security during severe storms. In areas where tornadoes are common, having a basement can sometimes be the difference between life and death. Basement excavation is an especially good idea for people planning to buy a modular or mobile home because they are usually not structurally sound like other types of structures.

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