What is a Network Operations Center?

All network traffic passes through a network operations center.

Most large computer networks are managed by specialized monitoring organizations. These groups perform network monitoring tasks from a centralized location known as the network operations center (NOC). The NOC is responsible for managing all network traffic that enters and leaves a computer system. This is typically a sophisticated operations center linked to multiple telecommunications network providers.

Some network operations centers have employees whose job it is to find and repair hardware problems.

A computer network is a group of telecommunications devices connected to other networks. This requires a complex network traffic control panel controlling data routing. The network operations center is responsible for monitoring and routing all network traffic for a company.

There are many types of jobs available at a network operations center. This includes positions in general maintenance, security and information technology. Staff are usually required to work in shifts because the center is always open.

A network center operator requires special training in network management. This training teaches an individual about the nuances of managing a computer network. Most network administrators have degrees in computer science with an emphasis on network engineering.

The network operations center typically contains a war room that includes large television screens and computer equipment. These monitors display detailed information about network traffic. NOC system engineers review the displays and can quickly resolve network bottlenecks by diverting traffic to other connection routes.

Security is critical for a network operations center. Most of these buildings are located in rural areas and have strict security. They typically require 24-hour surveillance and special access badges for employees. This high-level security is necessary because the network is one of the most critical components for modern businesses.

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Special monitoring software is used in a network operations center. This software provides visual alerts of network traffic and potential issues to system engineers. Most monitoring tools provide email notifications, which allow for remote alerting of network outages. This software allows an organization to have 24 hour network monitoring from remote locations.

NOC is often used to manage the cybersecurity of companies. This typically includes specific monitoring techniques that prevent harmful data from entering the company’s network. The NOC can track and limit access to data by filtering requests to specific network addresses on the Internet. It can also scan for harmful messages that may contain viruses or other malicious devices.

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