What is a nail whitener?

Sodium tripolyphosphate, which is often included in nail whiteners.

Nail whiteners are an over-the-counter product that aims to lighten yellowed nails. Most nail whiteners include various bleaching agents that lighten the nails with the help of certain chemicals. While these products are popular, many beauty experts believe that nails can be whitened without the help of any over-the-counter products.

Ordinary nail whitener has three basic ingredients. These ingredients include sodium precarbonate, potassium peroxydisulfate and sodium tripolyphosphate. Essentially, both sodium precarbonate and potassium peroxydisulfate are bleaching agents. Sodium tripolyphosphate is an ingredient often used as a preservative for certain foods, including pet foods. Therefore, any common nail whitener contains bleaching and cleaning agents that both cleanse and whiten the nails.

Most nail whiteners contain several whitening agents.

In addition to purchasing a whitener to whiten your nails, many beauty experts believe that nails can be whitened with a simple at-home solution. By cleaning the nails well, soaking them in lemon juice mixed with baking powder and rubbing the mixture into the nails, many people find that the nails appear whiter. This home remedy can be applied to nails regularly to increase whiteness.

Excessive alcohol consumption can cause unpleasant changes in the color and appearance of nails.

While many people simply find yellowing nails unattractive, a sudden change in nail color can be a sign of impending trouble. Nails turn yellow for a variety of reasons, including certain health conditions. While most people have yellowed nails as a result of bacteria, yellowing nails can also be a sign of a serious medical problem. People suffering from diabetes, kidney failure, heart disease, and lung problems may have yellowish nails. Therefore, anyone who is experiencing a sudden change in nail color should seek medical attention immediately.

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Smoking can stain your nails and turn them yellow.

Nail whitener can be purchased at any drugstore or online. Home treatments can be prepared simply and easily, although it is not recommended to mix whitening elements to create a nail whitener. Before applying any kind of nail whitener, homemade or not, it is advisable to remove any nail polish beforehand. Trying to apply a whitening product over nail polish will not result in whiter nails.

Yellowish nails can occur as a result of kidney failure.

Often, nail color can be directly affected by diet. Many health professionals believe that consuming a diet full of vitamins and nutrients will encourage whiter nails along with their growth. In contrast, consuming a diet full of salt, sugar and fried foods will negatively affect your nails. In the end, by following a healthier diet, monitoring your health with regular medical checkups, and using a homemade or store-bought whitener, your yellowed nails will become whiter.

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