What is a modular office?

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A modular office is a building constructed to serve as an office but not connected to a permanent foundation in the ground. These offices are often used as temporary spaces, but they can also be used as overflow areas or even permanent work areas, depending on the need. They typically cost less to buy and build than more traditional office buildings. Modular offices can also refer to temporary walls and structures within a more traditional building.

Modular construction is simply a type of construction that is based on standardized dimensions or units. As such, construction can be carried out faster and like an assembly line. This is opposed to more traditional construction, which usually takes place on site and is more flexible in nature, with a greater diversity of design. While some might not believe that the aesthetics of a modular office are comparable to a traditional office, the two achieve the same goal.

A modular office can be portable and permanent, or at least semi-permanent. Portable modular offices are often seen on construction sites and other places where temporary events are taking place. More permanent modular offices can be placed almost anywhere and even built to attach to permanent structures. The modular office building can include electrical and plumbing connections for bathrooms and even small kitchens.

The lifespan of a modular office varies widely depending on usage and how often it is moved. They tend not to last as long as more traditional buildings, but every situation is different. Quality also plays an important factor in shelf life. Those who need a building for more than a decade or two should plan on investing a little more in it.

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A number of advantages and disadvantages accompany the modular office building. One big downside is that, aside from some size differences, there may not be many options when it comes to dimensions and shapes. Also, they may not provide a safe haven in harsh climates. Advantages include cost and an easier licensing process in many cases.

Another use of the term modular office is for construction done within a permanent building. This is usually more extensive than simple modular cubicles. The walls and partitions of a true modular office can reach the ceiling and completely enclose an area, accessible through a door. It can also include windows. This is a cheaper option than sharing a room with traditional building methods.

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