What is a meat packing plant?

Various cuts of meat.

In the United States and some other countries, a meat packaging plant refers to a facility that packages animal meat for human consumption. In New Zealand, the same type of installation is called freezing. Contrary to popular belief, animals are not slaughtered with a meat packing plant. This facility exists only for packaging and exporting meat.

A fridge.

Sheep, cattle, pigs and other types of livestock are killed in an abattoir – a warehouse-like building that can also be called a slaughterhouse. The entire refrigeration industry has existed since the time of the first railroad. The invention of the railroad allowed farmers to send their herds to any slaughterhouse within days.

Likewise, a meatpacking plant was able to receive and distribute meat across the country with the help of the refrigerated wagon. In the United States, conditions inside an average refrigerator during the 1900s were extremely dangerous, which led author Upton Sinclair to write the classic book The Jungle. Many years later, during the 1930s and 1940s, workers were able to band together and form the United Packinghouse Workers of America. While meatpacking conditions have improved in the United States, modern technology has made this occupation as dangerous as it ever was. Human rights activists often protest against the working environment inside packaging plants, claiming that production takes precedence over safety.

A special halal meat packing plant is required to produce meat prepared according to Islamic law.

A kosher meat packing plant, consumed by people of Jewish faith, is a little different from a normal packing plant. According to Jewish law, animals must be killed with a single cut in the throat area. This method allows an animal’s blood to drain slowly. Trained individuals perform the cutting of kosher animals, although any cuts that are too shallow or damaged in any way constitute non-kosher meat. In this case, the meat is sold to people who are not of the Jewish faith.

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After the cattle are slaughtered, the resulting meat is sent to a slaughterhouse.

Likewise, halal meat, meat consumed by people of Islamic faith, is killed in a different type of packaging. Halal meat must also be killed by cutting an animal’s jugular veins. There are many similarities between kosher meat and halal meat, although it is debatable whether the two types of meat can be interchanged. Although neither Muslims nor Jews can consume pork as per the rules of their religion, among other types of meat, pork is the most popular type of meat all over the world, although beef comes in second.

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