What is a manual spatula? (with photos)

Gardening tools, including a hand trowel.

A hand trowel is a gardening tool designed for digging small holes, transplanting seedlings, planting bulbs, and similar tasks. Many gardeners find hand trowels extremely useful and as a result they are quite common in garden sheds. Any garden supply store will sell hand trowels, along with other useful tools, and they can sometimes be found at hardware stores as well.

Trowels are used to smooth the concrete.

The design of a hand spatula includes a sturdy handle and a shell-shaped blade, similar to a miniature spade, except the blade is proportionately longer and narrower. This design makes a hand trowel ideal for working near flower beds and for tasks such as transplanting, handling seedlings and placing bulbs. Some gardeners also like to use hand trowels to remove weeds, as the small, sharp blade can help pull out stubborn weeds.

Some trowels are designed to be used to spread and shape mortar between blocks or bricks.

The term “trowel” is also used to refer to a flat-blade masonry tool that is used to smooth surfaces. These trowels are used with concrete and mortar to create an even texture before the wet material dries completely. They can also be used to create textured plasters, with careful blade manipulation. Flat-blade trowels can also be made with slightly pointed tips for various applications, especially archeology, where people want to be able to move earth smoothly without the risk of damaging a specimen.

Trowels are often used to plaster ceilings.

When purchasing a hand spatula, look for a sturdy specimen with a handle that feels good. Painted spatulas are best avoided, as the paint may peel off with a spatula, and stainless steel is a good choice for blade material as it will not rust with a spatula or stored in damp environments. Many spatulas also come with small holes in the handles so they can be hung from pegs or nails for easy storage.

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A notched trowel is used to spread and smooth the adhesive or grout before laying the tile in place.

As a trowel is a basic gardening tool, it can be a useful gift for someone who is in a new home or someone who is just starting to learn gardening. In addition to a trowel, you may want to grab a pair of gardening gloves, which protect your hands, and you may also want to use a garden kneeler. Knees are pads designed to support the knees while people work, making gardening more comfortable. Some are also designed with legs, so people can kneel without worrying about crushing plants.

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