What is a manual rotisserie?

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A manual grill is a piece of equipment that can be used to cook different foods and rotate them during heating. This is often designed in a number of ways, such as a hand crank that allows a large skewer to be turned. There are also smaller skewers that can be used as part of a manual grill, to turn individual portions or pieces of meat occasionally to heat up. This is in contrast to an automatic or electric grill, which uses a motor to slowly rotate the skewer over time, ensuring even cooking on all surfaces and simplifying the process.

The purpose of a manual grill is to allow food to be turned over during cooking. Rotation offers two basic benefits: heat is more evenly applied to various surfaces and sides of the food, and juices from meat cooked on a grill water it as it rotates. A common way to design a hand skewer is as a large skewer with a crank at one end. Food is placed on a skewer, which is then suspended over the heat of a grill or fire. Manually operating the crank turns the skewer and food.

A much simpler form of manual grill can also be created using smaller skewers that are designed to be easily rotated. These usually have a long handle, which extends out of the heat, so one can regularly turn them over without getting burned. Several pins are normally found on this type of skewer to make it easier to function as a manual skewer. Skewers with only one prong work well for some applications, but when turned, they can often rotate inside the food instead of turning it over. Multiple teeth ensure that turning turns the food, as does the skewer itself.

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While a manual grill is generally very easy to use and generally inexpensive, an automatic or electric grill can be much more convenient. It consists of a long skewer, usually designed in the same way as a hand-cranked model, with a motor at one end. The motor usually requires a power source, such as an electrical outlet, and slowly rotates the skewer skewer automatically. This ensures even cooking as the rotation is provided at regular intervals. An automatic grill can also help prevent injuries that can occur if someone manually turns food over a fire during a flare-up, which could result in burns to the hands or face.

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