What is a manual coffee maker?

A manual coffee maker can be used to make a single cup of coffee at a time.

A manual coffee maker represents one of the simplest ways to make coffee. If you know how to measure by tablespoons and can boil water, you can easily make excellent coffee with this simpler and often cheaper machine. Manual coffeemakers can be used to make a single cup of coffee, and some are designed for just that purpose. Alternatively, larger styles can be used to make up to eight cups of coffee at a time.

In most cases, the larger type of manual drip comes with a glass coffee pot, which you can use to pour the coffee. The drip part is a conical shaped basket, where a coffee filter is normally placed. The basket is then filled with the desired amount of coffee. For stronger coffee, a generous tablespoon per cup is generally recommended. The basket stays in the jar or in an individual mug in small sizes.

When the basket is full and the water is boiling in any available pot or pan, the hot water is gradually added to the basket, creating very fresh coffee. Be a little patient when adding water. Too much water can flood the coffee, causing stains on the end result or causing the coffee to drip too quickly into the sink.

On large manual drip devices, try to pour about a cup at a time, as the basket only has a small hole in the bottom for the drip. The coffee should not float on top of the manual drip basket, but should start to adhere to the sides of the filter. A pot of eight cups of coffee probably takes about four minutes to make, plus the time it takes to boil the water.

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As many people prefer to make a single cup of coffee at a time, some individual packets of coffee sold look like tea bags. Veteran and discerning coffee drinkers might find these bags a little weak. Instead, they may choose to add coffee themselves to control the intensity. With a single-cup manual dripper, about a quarter of a cup should be added at a time to avoid flooding the powder and producing inferior coffee.

Many find small and large manual coffee makers to be very easy to use and certainly inexpensive. There is no risk of burning the coffee, as it is never exposed to an open fire. Newer electric coffeemakers also have coffee burners that now turn off to prevent this, but this is likely to be a drain on your pocketbook and can cost up to or more than 100 US dollars (USD). A manual drip device, on the other hand, can usually be had for less than $10.

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