What is a maintenance room? (with photos)

Guard room from the 19th century.

The pantry is an area close to the kitchen of a house. Keeping the rooms back to colonial times when families slept in that area when the rest of the house was cold. As the area could be heated by the kitchen stove, it was often the only heated spot in the house. Today, a maintenance room goes by many different names depending on the geographic location of each, such as a family room, a great room, and a fireplace room.

Modern or great room.

The fireplace is the focal point in many rooms today. Many people also have a television in this room and families gather here daily. The idea of ​​a storage room is to have a family gathering place next to the kitchen. The open space concept of the room is popular with modern design trends.

Keeping rooms helps sell a home as they are often very popular and used rooms. Owners working in the kitchen area can see and hear their children playing or watching television in the pantry. When having fun, they can also easily chat with kitchen guests. The pantry can be small or large, but it is always next to the kitchen. Some rooms with windows at one end are used to display plants.

Televisions are often provided in a maintenance room.

Some modern housing plans show a living room, a living room and a fireplace room or maintenance room. Larger homes especially may have more than one gathering place near the kitchen. Popular home remodeling projects include removing walls to create an open concept while retaining space next to the kitchen.

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The multifunctional aspect of a maintenance room today is similar to its function in colonial times. Although people don’t regularly sleep in bedrooms now and there certainly was no television in colonial times, children still play there and families gather to read, talk and often warm up by the fire. In warmer climates, a fireplace is usually not part of a room, but in many regions it is even more ornamental than heat-producing.

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