What is a lawn mower deck? (with photo)

Mower decks prevent the rotating blade from throwing objects.

The lawn mower deck is the part of the lawn mower that protects the user and also the mower motor from the blades and debris fired from the blades. It is usually made of a durable metal that is resistant to corrosion or rust and is strong enough to withstand the impact of debris scattered across the blade. The size of the lawn mower deck varies depending on the size and purpose of the mower. Some versions of the lawn mower deck are even standalone units that can be towed behind a tractor or ATV.

Depending on the type of mower, the mower deck can be adjustable. The adjustment can move the blade up and down as well, allowing the user to adjust the amount of grass cut from the lawn. The deck itself is usually affixed to the mower frame and must be securely fastened to prevent it from loosening over time. If the deck comes loose, it can come into contact with the blades, which can cause damage to both the deck and the lawn mower blades; the engine can also be damaged. The deck must therefore be protected with high quality hardware that will not rust or corrode over time, which can lead to the deck loosening.

Deck width will vary depending on cutter size. Most consumer lawn mowers feature a deck that is quite narrow and only covers one blade. Larger industrial mowers usually feature two or three blades, which means the deck must be much wider. Industrial mowers often feature platforms that adjust up and down, not only to adjust the length of the cut grass, but also to raise the blades off the ground when transporting the mower over non-grass surfaces. The blades of these lawn mowers are generally longer and more powerful than consumer-sized lawn mowers, so they are capable of throwing larger debris. Decks are therefore generally quite strong and thick.

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Trailed lawn mowers feature wider deck versions that can be as wide as industrial models. Some decks have an engine mounted right on top of them, while others connect to an engine in other ways. The deck, in this case, usually features an arm that attaches to a tow hitch mounted on a tractor or ATV so it can be easily towed behind the vehicle.

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