What is a Human Resources Assistant?

A human resources assistant may be responsible for hiring new employees.

A Human Resources (HR) assistant works in the human resources department of an organization or company. He or she has multiple work responsibilities and typically works full time. The human resources assistant often works with staff, which can mean recruiting and hiring new employees, as well as maintaining employee records and keeping information up to date.

A human resources assistant will only need a high school diploma or GED to be hired.

A big part of a person’s job in this position is working directly with employees, current, past and potential. When someone applies to the business or organization, the assistant will often be responsible for checking references and employment history, as well as any other necessary information, such as a credit check. Although a human resources assistant will not normally give the interview, he or she can sit and observe. Once the decision on employment has been made, he may be responsible for contacting the candidate to inform him of the outcome.

Human resources assistants can perform general office tasks.

When an employee is hired, the HR assistant will request information from the employee, including name, address, phone number, employment history, title, emergency contact information, and benefit selection information, if applicable. If the new employee has questions about any work practices, such as dress code, sick leave or vacation, salary or medical benefits, for example, the human resources assistant should be able to answer those questions. Once all of this information has been collected, the HR assistant must keep the records up-to-date, accurate, and accessible.

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A human resources assistant may be tasked with training new hires on company policies.

The human resources assistant’s job doesn’t end when an employee leaves the company. He or she may be contacted for a reference later when the employee applies for a new job, or he or she may be asked to check employment history or assist in transferring retirement plans or other benefits. In addition to working with employees, an HR assistant may be responsible for answering phones, opening mail, maintaining other filing records, or other general office tasks. The assistant can also search the Internet for CVs of potential employees.

A human resources assistant can help guide new hires.

Typically, a human resources assistant only needs a high school diploma or GED to be hired. If someone is successful as an assistant, they are likely to eventually be promoted to human resources manager, which can bring additional benefits as well as a salary increase. It is important for HR assistants to be able to work well with people, be respectful and discreet, and be computer-savvy.

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