What is a Hot Toddy?

Cinnamon sticks are often used to garnish a hot toddy.

A hot toddy is a drink often associated with relieving symptoms of a cold or sore throat. It is a spirit drink with an added sweetener such as honey or sugar. In addition to being used for medicinal purposes, toddy can also be used to help a person relax at night. It is also used when people have been exposed to cold weather or have had a shock to the system.

Hot toddies are often seasoned with cloves.

There are several accounts of the origins of the hot toddy. Popular thinking holds that this drink came from Great Britain via India. In India, the juice of certain palm trees was called tari. This juice has been turned into a dark, sweet alcoholic beverage. The English in India replicated the drink using spices, fruit and alcohol and introduced it to Britain.

Hot toddy has been used to soothe sore throats.

Variations on the drink itself are plentiful. The main alcohol used is usually some form of whiskey, but different types of alcohol are acceptable. A hot toddy can be used to relax after a shock, and this effect is mainly achieved by alcohol.

A hot toddy can also be used to relax a person before bedtime, and this is also achieved by the effect of alcohol on the body. Alcohol is mixed with hot water and a sweet substance such as sugar or honey. If you have a sore throat, the honey will cover your throat and stop the irritation. Alcohol will also have a calming effect that will help the person sleep.

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A warm toddy can be used as a sleep aid.

This drink has long been used as an inexpensive household medicine. If you look at the ingredients in many cough mixtures, you will notice that alcohol is one of the main ingredients used. Alcohol is absorbed very quickly into the bloodstream and has an analgesic effect. Citrus fruits are also often used in toddies. The vitamins in citrus fruits are believed to help fight the common cold.

Spices are another additive used to make hot toddy. Cinnamon and cloves are very popular as a way to add extra flavor to the drink. The main liquid in a hot toddy is usually hot water, but variations include lemonade, cider, tea, and coffee.

Citrus fruits are often included in toddies.

Once the hot toddy has been heated and mixed, all that’s left is to drink it. Some people claim that drinking slowly has a more beneficial and warming effect. Others claim that taking the drink in one gulp gives the system a shock that is useful if taken after a shock. Of course, the amount of alcohol used is the main factor in determining whether the drink is relaxing or stimulating to the system.

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