What is a hip bath?

A bather’s hips and buttocks are submerged in a hip bath.

A hip bath is a specially designed type of bathtub that is intended to submerge the buttocks and hips of the bather, who bathes while seated, as if in a chair. These baths have been used for centuries in the Ayurvedic tradition and were also immensely popular in the Victorian era when many Europeans flocked to institutions that offered hydrotherapy. Some members of the medical establishment continue to use hip baths in treating patients.

Women who suffer from cramping can benefit from a hip bath.

Some people also use the term “hip bath” to describe a deeper tub, in which more of the body is immersed, but the bather still sits rather than lying in the tub. This type of bathtub was also very popular with Victorians, especially those without running water, as it was small enough to be filled with water from pitchers. Some modern bathers also like this type of hip bath, as it is quite comfortable to rest for long periods of time.

A hip bath can help someone suffering from hemorrhoids.

In the sense of a therapeutic bath, a hip bath should promote healthy circulation and stimulate the digestive tract. Patients can bathe in lukewarm, lukewarm or cold water, and various substances can also be added to the water. In some cases, bathing also involves vigorous massage with a rough cloth, which helps to peel away dead skin while stimulating circulation to the surface.

Sitz baths can help with the recovery process after giving birth.

Taking hip baths for healing may seem a little strange, but it has some very distinct health benefits. Women who suffer from cramps, for example, may find that taking a hip bath helps relieve the pain. A hip bath can also be used to treat hemorrhoids and other painful inflammation and infections in the lower regions of the body.

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A related concept is the sitz bath, which specifically covers the buttocks. Sitz baths are used to treat various inflammatory conditions such as fistulas and also to relieve pain from surgical procedures in this area of ​​the body. They can also facilitate recovery from childbirth, when women often experience pain and discomfort. Typically, a sitz bath is done with lukewarm water and the bather is left to soak for 20-30 minutes.

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