What is a Hershey Bar?

Chocolate like a Hershey bar.

The Hershey bar is a chocolate produced by The Hershey Company that has become something of an American icon. Also known as The Great American Chocolate Bar, the Hershey bar was the first example of mass-produced chocolate in the United States. Although the company’s founder eventually became one of America’s wealthiest citizens and one of the most generous philanthropists of the 20th century, he began when business was considerably humbler. In fact, at age 30, Milton S. Hershey endured two previously unsuccessful attempts at making a living as a chocolate confectioner and narrowly escaped bankruptcy. However, like his Hershey milk chocolate bar, the unshakable entrepreneur was destined for sweet success.

Hershey, Pennsylvania is located in the southeastern part of the state.

The legendary story of Hershey’s Bar and the man who made it famous is unusual and certainly inspiring on many levels. Firstly, the creation of the chocolate bar itself was highly innovative, as until the early 1900s only the Swiss had mastered the art of making milk chocolate on a large scale and only the wealthy could afford to make it. it. Second, when Hershey began operating as The Hershey Chocolate Company, he accomplished something that no other business mogul had done before or since – he built an entire city and community to serve the needs of the company’s workforce. that would eventually become a chocolate world only comparable in scope to Disneyland.

Hershey’s bars are made with milk chocolate, which mixes milk and chocolate together to produce a smooth, creamy type of chocolate.

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The development of “corporate cities” was not unique to industrialists in Hershey’s day, however. For example, coal mining and logging companies often built self-sufficient communities, where all real estate and services were owned by the parent company. However, Hershey’s vision of what a business city should be differs somewhat from that of his contemporaries. In fact, his vision benefited his hometown of Derry Church, Pennsylvania, where the Hershey Chocolate Company opened and included several schools, parks and churches, as well as residential neighborhoods where the company’s executives and workers resided. More than 100 years later, the city is now known as Hershey, a major tourist attraction complete with an amusement park, live theater and musical events, botanical gardens, golf courses and world-class restaurants and accommodations.

The original Hershey bar made its debut in 1900. However, the family of chocolate bars of the same name soon expanded to include the Hershey’s® almond bar in 1908. It would be another seventy years before the line of dark chocolate bars specials made their appearance, which was followed by Hershey’s® Kisses and a variety of filled cookies and brownies starting in the 1990s. The company’s website also offers giant chocolate bars 50 times the size of the classic Hershey bar, which can be ordered to include a custom wrapper to extend a happy birthday greeting or thank you message.

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