What is a Hacker?

The term hacker has a double meaning in the field of computing. It may be an experienced computer programmer who creates complex software and hardware. These hackers are experts in the field of computing and have achieved a certain elite status in their field. The other commonly known meaning of the word is someone who breaks into computer security networks for his own purposes.

A hacker can refer to an expert computer programmer.

The media perpetuated the term’s most stimulating connotation with films and books on the subject. Movies like Wargames portray the Pentagon security system hack as something akin to a computer game. A movie about the computer hacker designing a software system probably wouldn’t do much at the box office.

A hacker is someone who illegally accesses a private computer network.

A person who breaks into systems primarily to steal is not considered a computer expert, although he may be. A hacker in the professional computing world is considered a professional computer expert. In the world of professional computing, she might be an expert in computer and network security. He may also be a highly skilled software programmer or hardware modifier. The type that hacks into bank accounts or a company’s network does exist, but the meaning is entirely different from that of a professional hacker.

Hacking is a crime that can result in severe penalties such as imprisonment.

The stereotypical image of a computer hacker, as portrayed by the media, is that of a shadowy figure, alone at a computer, stealing secrets and money. This type of computer hacking can bring rewards, but it can also lead to hefty fines and prison sentences. Thanks to the media, the average person is probably more familiar with this definition.

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A common conception of a hacker is someone who works alone on computers.

It is true that computer crime is on the rise, but it mainly takes the form of computer fraud. People are tricked into providing their bank and personal details after receiving fake emails. This is not computer hacking as it does not involve an attempt to hack into a computer’s software system.

Hackers can steal credit card information from people shopping online.

In many cases, it is not very difficult to gain access to someone’s email password. There are many Internet sites that claim to be able to gain access for a fee, but these sites often work by sending fake emails asking the recipient to verify passwords for security reasons. This is not real computer hacking.

Hackers can try to gain access to a person’s webcam in order to spy on them.

A true computer security hacker is someone hired to prevent any unauthorized access to a network’s security system, so when someone says they have that job, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. It can help to update a computer instead of breaking into it.

A person who breaks into a computer system to steal is not necessarily considered a computer expert.

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