What is a Grill Grid?

Grilled zucchini.

Sometimes called a vegetable grilling rack or grilling rack, the regular grill rack is used to prepare a variety of foods that may be too small to fit on a standard griddle or griddle. As a cooking utensil that can be used in outdoor grilling as well as in the kitchen oven, the grill rack is a great way to expand the types of food that are prepared on the grill.

The hot dog can be placed on a rack to cook more evenly.

The construction of a grill grill usually involves a stainless steel base that is coated with a hard non-stick porcelain finish. Not only does this help ensure that the food doesn’t stick during cooking, it also makes cleanup much easier. The three sides of the typical grill include raised edges that help keep food on the cooking surface. The back of most grill grates will have a raised edge that is higher than the other three sides. The higher edge acts as an indentation for the grill grate and allows the cook to easily slide under food and turn items over with a spatula. A series of small perforations in the lower plate of the grill grate allows more direct contact with the heat generated by the grill, being small enough to prevent food from dripping onto the element.

The grill grid dimensions are relatively standardized. Typically, grids will be between sixteen to twenty inches long and ten to fifteen inches deep. This makes them ideal for use with virtually any type of grill. Some grill models include handles, which make it easy to load the grill into the kitchen and transport the loaded grill to the backyard grill.

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Virtually any type of solid food can be prepared using a grill rack. Small pieces of chicken, shrimp, oysters on the half shell, hot dogs and hamburgers can be placed on a grill and cooked to perfection. Along with various types of meats and fish, vegetables like corn on the cob, asparagus, green beans and many others can be easily infused with flavor while cooking and cooking on a grill.

Cleaning a grill rack is very easy, due to the non-stick properties of the porcelain coating. Simple soap and water will usually do just fine, and the grill rack can be placed in the dishwasher if desired.

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