What is a gale?

Gale has its origin in vent d’aval, French expression that can be translated as “downwind”. The notion is used in its broadest sense, with reference to a wind of great intensity.

For example: “Suddenly, a windstorm destroyed the umbrellas and people had to leave the beach”, “A strong windstorm damaged the trees in the city of Puerto Marcos”, “The island’s telecommunications networks were destroyed by the windstorm” . The concept of gale sometimes acquires more specific meanings. In some countries, a gale includes, in addition to wind, precipitation. That’s why it could be a storm: “Three neighborhoods are flooded because of the gale”, “The meteorologists have warned that, in the next few days, there may be a gale in the city”, “I think there will be a gale today”.

The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), in its dictionary, also recognizes the word gale as an intense wind that blows from the west and comes from the south. On the other hand, there are regions that mention gales as winds that come from the sea. This without neglecting the fact that, more popularly, the term in question is used with another meaning. So, for example, when you say that a person is a gale, it is a way of indicating that he is very restless, that he has a lot of strength and energy, that he has an overwhelming personality… In this way, we see that in the artistic field and more precisely musical, the singer Lola Flores, “La Faraona”, has always been spoken of as a true storm of emotions and strength on stage. There is also a symbolic use of gale, linked to what resembles a flood or avalanche. If a football team defeats its rival 8-0, a journalist could say that the team was a “goal whirlwind”. A political leader, on the other hand, can accuse the government of the time of fomenting a “storm of corruption” in all spheres of the State, as he claims that there are many officials who commit illegal acts. “Vendaval” is also one of the most interesting works of all the works of the Canarian writer Alberto Vázquez Figueroa (1936). In 1986 was when he published that novel that has the Dominican Republic as a setting. And is that he comes to tell us about a civil war that took place in that territory in 1965. The time he spent as a special envoy to this conflict to provide information to the newspaper he worked for served as an inspiration and source of great wealth to capture the lived reality and introduce the most significant characters. Specifically, among them are President Balaguer, Colonel Caamaño, General Imbert-Barrera…

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Likewise, we cannot forget that Gale is the name of a heavy metal group from Spain, founded in 2002 and known for songs like “Sin immortal” or “Mi otro medio”.

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