What is a French Twist?

Putting your hair in rollers is the first step to a French twist for someone with straight hair.

A French twist is a type of hairstyle that was especially popular during the gay Victorian period of the nineties. It has different variations that can make it romantic or elegant, but a French touch never seems to go out of style. A French twist works best on longer hair and can be done easily with a good quality long hair comb and/or long hair clips to hold the twist in place.

Those with curly hair may need to straighten it a bit for a French twist.

If your hair is very straight, the French hairstyle may look best if you first hold your hair in rollers or use a curling iron to create some waves. If your hair is very curly, you may not need to straighten it all the way, but you may want to straighten it a little. To create a classic French twist, brush all your hair gently to the side. Run long pins down the middle of the back of the head to hold the hair close to the scalp. Then, starting at the ends of the hair, twist the hair around the thumb and secure it with bobby pins at the back of the head.

The classic French touch is elegant and elegant and takes a little practice to attach properly. Looser, messier versions are contemporary versions of the French twist and can look very romantic. You can pull a few strands of hair or create light bangs on one side. The good thing is that you can customize the look to match your hair, your fashion style and the occasion.

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To create an easier version of the classic French twist, first hold your hair at the back of your head as if you were going to form a low ponytail. Then, using your free hand, hold the end of the ponytail so that it points upwards. Finally, twist the length of the ponytail, secure the ends and secure with a long hair comb or a French comb. You can add some long bobby pins if needed. For a super casual and super easy take on the modern French twist, you can twist the ponytail section just part of the way up, then add a large hair clip with plastic teeth, or several smaller bobby pins, in the middle. bottom, leaving the top of the twist untwisted.

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