What is a freestanding shower stall? (with photos)

Owners can design and install custom shower cubicles that meet their needs.

A freestanding shower is available as a freestanding unit that can be installed wherever there is proper plumbing in a home. Often made of fiberglass or acrylic, the shower stall can be placed in a bathroom to replace old showers and bathtubs. It can also be added to a basement or other room. The product is often sold as separate pieces, including the walls and a floor, or with all components completely assembled, including the ports and pipe fittings.

Once a freestanding shower is installed, it’s important to test the water flow to see if everything is working properly.

Fiberglass types are generally more convenient to install because they are generally lightweight. Acrylic, on the other hand, can make the unit heavier and more difficult to handle. Some varieties of freestanding showers are made of granite or marble. Like other varieties, these only consist of walls, so floors and other parts must be fitted once the shower stall is purchased.

There are many designs for shower cabins, although the material and size can also vary. Some types are built to fit on a straight wall, at an angle, or as a corner shower. Other parts can be included or added to a freestanding shower. Grab bars, shelves and seats are sometimes incorporated into the main unit.

Bath kits are often available at hardware stores; installing them may require some plumbing knowledge and experience using simple tools like screwdrivers. Expert help is usually not required to add one to a home. It can sometimes be useful, however, for a professional installer or contractor to do the job, especially for those who are new to shower stall installation.

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Different sizes of shower stalls are usually available. The space where the independent shower will be placed must be measured. Popular finishes include porcelain, chrome, or brass, so an idea of ​​which material or design looks best in the room can also help with the decision. The free-standing shower stall parts are usually assembled before the elements of a room are demolished. Older faucets can be removed and pipes cut to lengths before parts like the shower head and curtain rod are installed.

Once a freestanding shower is installed, it’s important to test the water flow to see if everything is working properly. Installation is often more affordable than other types of renovation projects. Alternative materials or custom products, however, can be more expensive.

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