What is a footer? (with photos)

Baseboards are used to enhance the appearance of a staircase.

The skirting is an architectural element used to enhance the appearance of a staircase. Also known as stair stringers, skirtboards are installed along one or both sides of a stair, depending on the project. When one side of the stairs touches a wall and the other side has an open handrail, a skirting board is normally used only on the side that touches the wall.

Baseboards are baseboards that follow a ladder up the wall.

A skirting board not only gives the stairs a decorative look, but can also serve a practical function. It can be used to hide gaps between the stairs and the wall, especially when one of these elements is slightly crooked or irregular. Baseboards also keep dust and dirt from accumulating in these openings, which makes it easier to keep stairs clean. In some cases, the baseboard adds strength and support to the ladder, helping it maintain its shape. Finally, skirtboards act as protective plates, helping to protect walls from scratch marks, dents and other signs of damage.

Baseboards can be used to hide gaps between the stairs and the wall.

Depending on the desired look, a skirting board can be made from a wide variety of different materials. They are usually made of wood to match or complement hardwood floors. Some skirtboards are made from composite wood products, thermoplastics or even stainless steel. Homeowners can choose to paint or stain the baseboard to complement the surrounding decor, though some of the units are sold with a factory finish already installed. These boards can be smooth or textured and come in a variety of different profiles that can be used to match other types of finishes in the home.

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When installing skirtboards on stairs, it is helpful to start before the steps and steps are in place. Once the stringers or structural supports have been installed, installers can carefully measure around these supports to determine the size of the board skirts. It is important that each section of the stair supports is measured before cutting a skirtboard, as different stair sections can vary in size from top to bottom. The skirtboard is then fitted around the brackets and nailed into place using small finishing nails. After the baseboard installation is complete, installers can proceed with the risers and steps.

Most pre-built stair units include baseboards on one or both sides. These plates provide the unit with sufficient stability and strength to hold it together during transport and installation. Pre-built stair units allow installers to complete stair installation in one simple step with little risk of error.

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