What is a Foot File?

A file removes dead skin from the foot.

A foot file is a file specifically designed to be used on the feet. Foot files are used to remove calluses and smooth the skin on the feet, and some people consider them an important part of foot care. Regular use of a foot file can help keep your feet smooth and pleasant and can reduce discomfort caused by large calluses.

Foot files come in a variety of styles designed for different applications, from fine glass files for finishing touches to rough files like a Microplane® file that are almost like foot graters. For people who are serious about filing their feet, a series of files can be used during a foot treatment session, with a rough file to remove especially large calluses and a fine file to smooth the foot at the end of the session.

Helps wet feet before using sandpaper to help smooth skin.

Rough foot files can be made of metal or sandpaper. Metallic foot files are primarily used to scrape calluses and require a gentle touch to ensure that excessive tissue is not removed from the foot. Sandpaper or emery paper requires less care but takes longer as the stroke material works slower than a microplaning file. Fine files made from textured glass or very fine sandpaper are only designed for finishing touches as they are too fine for severe calluses.

Filing your feet daily will help keep them free of calluses.

To use a foot file, it helps to wet the feet first, softening the skin. Many people like to soak their feet in salts, sometimes adding essential oils to make their feet smell good. Once immersed, the foot can be filled with quick movements of the file. Maintaining even pressure is important to ensure the calluses fill evenly, as is working lightly around sensitive areas of the foot. After most of the dead skin and callus material is removed, a finer file can be used to finish and then the feet can be rinsed and moisturized.

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Metal foot files can be used to remove persistent calluses on the feet caused by walking barefoot.

For people with rough feet, a file can help keep the feet soft and smooth, traits that often have aesthetic value. Calluses can also cause pain if they get especially large, so removing them makes walking more comfortable. Foot files can also be used to smooth out cracks in the feet, although a series of sessions of file combined with deep hydration may be needed to resolve the issue.

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