What is a Facebook friend?

A Facebook friend is someone who is connected to another person through the social networking site of the same name. Typically, Facebook friends are site users who have met before entering the site or who know each other outside the site. They may be friends or acquaintances, they may know each other through school, work or another organization, or they may have mutual relationships. To help protect the privacy of Facebook members, it is necessary to make a request through the website to befriend someone else on Facebook. It is up to him to accept or reject the friend request on Facebook.

Facebook friends can communicate using cell phones or other mobile devices.

Once someone befriends someone else on Facebook, bonding does more than just connect two people on a social networking site. Once a Facebook friendship is formed, friends can see what’s on each other’s wall, a list of posts on the user’s Facebook homepage. Facebook friends can also see photos, videos, and other information posted by or about that person. Even users who are not Facebook friends can usually see the friends list of other users on Facebook, which can help users discern between a person they know and someone else with the same name.

Facebook friends can see all the photos or videos that a person has posted.

The access a Facebook friend has to someone else’s profile is why people can choose who they want as friends. Many people prefer that everyone, including strangers, cannot see their Facebook page. Some users, however, have privacy settings that do not prevent others from seeing their information.

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Facebook friends can use the site to arrange meetups.

Someone who is Facebook friends can also have private chats with any of their friends who are currently logged into Facebook. The chat feature indicates which of the user’s Facebook friends are currently on the site and allows any of the users to initiate a chat session. Facebook friends can also “tag” each other in their photos and videos. “Tagging” someone is to tag people who are in the photo or video. Facebook will alert tagged friends that they have the option to “untag” themselves if they don’t want to be tagged.

Facebook friends can become friends in real life through the use of social networks.

Facebook friends can also message each other through the site’s private messaging system. Friends can get in touch with each other just as easily by posting messages on each other’s walls, but the private messaging system is better for information they don’t want other people to see. Users are allowed to send private messages to other users regardless of whether they are Facebook friends. These messages are sometimes questions about whether users know each other and can lead to them becoming Facebook friends.

Another feature that Facebook has to keep friends updated on what’s going on between them is the news feed. When someone logs into Facebook, he or she will see this feed which lets him know what has been posted by or is happening with his or her Facebook friends. The news feed also provides users with a list of their friends’ Facebook activities, such as profile updates or profile pictures, upcoming birthdays, and relationship status changes.

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Facebook friends often have similar interests.

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