What is a durometer? (with photos)

A durometer is often used to measure the hardness and durability of rubber, such as a tire.

As a gauge that can be used to check the hardness of a certain material, the durometer can be used in many different applications. It works by analyzing a given substance and then assigning it a number to indicate the level of headgear and durability. A lower number would indicate a softer nature for the substance, while a higher number would indicate that the product is harder and less susceptible to bending or cracking.

Durometers are commonly used to test the durability of roller skate wheels by determining their hardness.

Along with the number, there is also often a hardness rating, with the softest materials being denoted by an “A” and the hardest materials being rated as a “D”. As a result, a substance with an overall rating of A30 would be considered not too difficult, compared to a substance with a reading of D70. Readings are usually based on checking multiple points along the surface of the material and then doing a cumulative rating based on the data.

While a durometer can technically be used to test the hardness of virtually any substance, the device’s main uses are associated with measuring the hardness of rubber or plastic products. Manufacturers generally have a range that they consider ideal for the type of goods they produce.

For example, the producer of various types of plastic mats might want all of their products to have a hardness rating somewhere in the middle range. This method would indicate durability, but with a certain degree of flexibility as part of the final product. Being able to periodically test the production process will help keep the hardness of the finished products within an acceptable range on the Mohs scale, resulting in products of equal quality to each other.

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Along with plastic mats, products such as the rubber wheels on skates must be relatively hard so they can withstand a lot of wear and tear. On the other hand, a welcome mat made of rubber or plastic should be softer. Using a durometer during the manufacturing process to ensure that the mixing of materials results in the required hardness level can save a company a lot of time and resources. Regular checks will quickly identify any deviations from the standards employed by the company.

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