What is a duct tape haircut?

A tape haircut leaves the hair long at the top and shorter as it falls.

A tape haircut is generally worn by men, and the length of the hair gradually decreases over the head from top to bottom. Initially called the tapered or faded haircut, this style was originally worn by young, urban African-American men. It’s a look that has become increasingly mainstream, resulting in a haircut with many variations worn by men, and more rarely by women, from many different backgrounds. The phrase tape up was coined by men of Italian-American descent and tends to indicate a particular style of that haircut.

Electronic clippers are used to cut a hairstyle with duct tape.

A tape haircut consists of a fade that ends directly above the ear and two to three inches (five to seven centimeters) above the neckline in the back. The hair is left longer at the top and then cut progressively shorter in a “fade” until the hair appears barely visible. The fade consists of a layered cut that is so gradual that the hair appears to fade as it continues down, with no visible graduation line. As the bottom part of the tape haircut is very short, it is a style that requires frequent maintenance.

There are many versions of the ribbon as it is very versatile and can be customized. This form of haircut is often seen by the wearer as a form of artistic expression, and many communities have styles that associate them with belonging to a certain social group. Examples of variations on this haircut include the hi-top, low-top, and half fade.

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The tape haircut, as a particular style, is also known as the Brooklyn fade, a cut popularized by young Italian-Americans. This style has the normal taper or fade on the sides and back of the hair; however, the top is left quite long. In the Brooklyn fade style, a large amount of hair product, such as mousse or gel, is applied to the long section of hair, which is then combed back. A blow-out is a popular variation of this, where the hair is formed into thick ends.

To cut a haircut with adhesive tape, electronic scissors with various protectors are used. After determining where the fading or tapering will begin, the stylist starts at the side of the head, at the sideburns, and works towards the back. Following the contours of the head to achieve an even cut, the scissor guards are changed in stages and used in their various settings to achieve gradation of hair length without any visible lines. The hair left on top is cut to the desired length and styled.

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