What is a dry sink? (with photos)

A dry sink is not connected to a plumbing system, although it is still used for basic hygiene functions.

A dry sink is a basin used for basic hygiene functions that is not connected to a plumbing system. Widely used in the days before indoor plumbing, these sinks were considered valuable kitchen accessories as well as ideal to be placed in bedrooms, bathrooms or other areas where people wash or shave. Although it is considered more of a decorative accessory today, it is still possible to buy one that is fully functional.

Dry sinks can still be purchased today, although they are often placed under faucets, which gives them a modern feel.

When it comes to the basic design of a dry sink, the construction involves a cabinet that is attached to a simple sink installed on top. The cabinets can be made with traditional noble woods or use different metals for a more contemporary appearance. Washbasins are traditionally constructed of copper, although aluminum or stainless steel are often used today. The basin does not have a drain, but it is not uncommon for it to be constructed to facilitate the removal of the cabinet, allowing the movement outside and the disposal of the used water.

In early times, the cabinet typically included an open front that was covered by two doors. The inside can be used to store shaving supplies, towels and other hygiene items. The sink surface was usually large enough to allow a pitcher and porcelain bowl to sit next to the built-in copper basin. This made it possible to pour water into both basins, a feature that was especially useful for washing and rinsing dishes and other dishes.

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While indoor plumbing has rendered the dry sink functionally obsolete, there are still situations where this type of home fixture is very desirable. Log cabins without running water often use one to allow residents to wash themselves in the morning or to clean vegetables before cooking. In other applications, it can be used as a decorative accent in rooms that are designed to recall the styles of bygone eras.

Purchasing this type of sink is usually not a difficult task, and many furniture stores are happy to order it special upon request. It is also possible to purchase plans for the construction of a simple. Plans usually come with step-by-step instructions, as well as a list of materials and tools needed to complete the project. While purchasing a professionally constructed dry sink can be expensive, making one at home is much cheaper and also allows the home owner to slightly alter the design if desired.

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