What is a dry cut?

A hairdresser cutting dry hair.

A dry cut is a type of haircut done on dry hair. This method is preferred by some stylists for certain hair types or to easily achieve certain styles. While most salons specialize in dry cuts, those that cater to curly haired clients may be more likely to provide this haircut service.

Often, a typical haircut starts with a shampoo and conditioning treatment. The stylist can lightly dry your hair or simply dry it with a towel before starting the cut. A dry cut is done on completely or mostly dry hair to give the stylist a clear picture of what the cut will look like when the hair is not wet.

For people with curly or wavy hair, a dry cut may be a preferable method. When hair is saturated with water, curls and waves often change shape, stretching due to the added weight of the water. With a dry cut, the stylist can easily see the shape and pattern of the curls, as well as know the length of the hair when it is dry and curly.

In addition to making it easier for the stylist to observe the hair’s natural patterns, dry cutting can also be beneficial for the client. Often, when hair is cut wet, stylists use straightening tools such as flat irons to straighten the hair before cutting it. If the client wears her hair curly most of the time, it can be difficult to get an accurate idea of ​​what the cut will look like in everyday life. In a dry cut, the stylist works with the same hair the client works with every day, so it’s easy to pick up great styling tips by watching the cut carefully.

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According to some hair and styling experts, a dry cut should only be attempted by an experienced professional stylist who performs this type of cut frequently. Smaller sections of hair should be cut when the hair is dry, so it can be easier for the stylist to lose his place in the cut or lose strands. By consulting an experienced hairdresser who is used to dry cutting, the client can reduce the chance of hair nightmares.

To find a salon that does dry cuts, try looking for ones that specialize in curly or unique hairstyles. Be sure to ask if there is a price difference between a dry cut and a regular cut; some salons may rake in a few dollars when requested if shampoo treatment is not required. On the other hand, as dry cuts are difficult even on top drawer shears and can take longer to complete due to the need to cut small sections at a time, ask about the price difference before agreeing to cut. .

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