What is a designer fragrance?

A designer fragrance can be cologne or perfume.

Fashion designers are typically known for their clothing, jewelry, and handbag lines. Some designers also decide to create their own designer perfumes. A designer fragrance is usually a cologne or perfume created by a famous designer whose name on the bottle almost guarantees that many will want to try it. Top fashion designers may have one or more types of designer fragrances, such as one scent for men and one for women, or one designed for everyday wear and one designed for a night out. A designer fragrance usually sells for a higher price than what is often called a drugstore fragrance or perfume without a designer’s name attached.

Some fashion designers take a hands-on approach to creating their perfume scents; others may just approve the perfume and allow their name to be used as a brand to help sell the product. It’s also not uncommon for celebrities to create their own perfumes, or at least allow their names to be used on a perfume they like. However, they are not normally called designer perfumes. The term most commonly used for fragrances named after actors, musicians and sports figures is “celebrity scents”, although a celebrity may collaborate with a designer to create a perfume.

Another type of perfume that may or may not be a designer fragrance is what is known as an “exclusive perfume”. This might be a fragrance that someone who is in the public eye wears often enough to be reported in fashion and beauty magazines. Usually it’s a perfume that the person had no part in creating and that doesn’t bear the celebrity’s name. When celebrities often use their own scents, however, they aren’t typically called signature fragrances.

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A designer fragrance can be either a perfume or a cologne, and is often available in both types at different prices. Perfumes are generally the most highly concentrated scents that contain up to 30% perfume oil. This can help the scent last longer, as the oil usually doesn’t evaporate from the skin very quickly. Colonies tend to have less oil, with the highest percentage usually between 15% and 20%. Eau de Cologne, or eau de toilette, is often the cheapest type of designer fragrance, with only a small fraction – if any – of its contents made up of perfume oil.

Fake and off-brand fragrance types are often available in packaging, bottles, and scents that are very similar to true designer brands. Usually, there will be some small differences that give away the imitations. A much lower price tag is usually one of the biggest signs that a designer fragrance is fake. Likewise, the smell may be similar, but the formula is more likely to be alcohol-based than oil-based. Alcohol usually evaporates quickly and usually doesn’t give off a scent for nearly as long as a quality oil-based fragrance.

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