What is a Daschund?

Pair of smooth-haired Dachshund puppies.

A daschund, which is actually spelled “dachshund,” is a breed of dog that has a very long body, tail, ears, and snout, but very short legs. This extreme looking breed was originally developed in Germany to hunt badgers. In fact, daschund means “badger dog” in German.


Possible daschund colors include two-color combinations of black and tan, black and cream, tan and tan, or blue and tan, but solid red and black and tan are the most common colors. Many kennel clubs do not recognize the chocolate brown or solid black varieties, and these colors are rare. Red strokes can be light or dark, and reds can be rusty or more coppery. Red aschunds sometimes mix black with red, and breeders call this desirable coloring an overlay.


Most daschunds are straight-haired, but there are also long-haired and hard-haired varieties of the breed. The rough-haired daschund usually needs professional grooming, but the other types have coats that are easier to care for.


Dachsunds were originally bred to hunt badgers.

Their long shape is why daschunds are sometimes called sausage dogs in North America and sausage dogs in the UK. “Doxie” and “daschie” are other American nicknames for the breed. “Dackel” and “teckel” are German nicknames given to the breed and refer to the daschund’s tracking capabilities as a stinky dog.


Back injuries are common in daschunds, so it’s important for owners to keep the dogs’ weight proportionate to their size to ensure their spines can provide adequate support. These dogs often roll around on carpet or grass to keep their spines flexible. When a person is carrying a daschund, their back should always be supported. These dogs should not be allowed to jump too high. Stools at home are often a good idea to allow the dog access to beds and other furniture.

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personality traits

Daschunds are known to be playful dogs that love to run after games. They are said to be stubborn to train and enjoy digging holes in the garden or backyard. Daschunds have a loud bark for their size and tend to be loyal guard dogs. Most daschunds do not like to be left alone and can complain and/or damage furniture in the house if left unattended. They need to be around people, but they may not be the best choice for homes with young children as they can get out of control if they get excited.

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