What is a Curl Booster?

Man with curly hair.

Curl Booster is a hair product, and there are many different brands that come in a gel or spray form. Such products promise to help reduce frizz in curly hair, and also help keep curls in shape and defined. Since there are several brands, the curl enhancer varies in ingredients and prices. The more expensive name brands can cost upwards of $20 US Dollars (USD) for a small or medium sized bottle. Less expensive brands available at local pharmacies may work in the same way, according to customer reviews.

Woman with curly hair.

You use the curl booster when your hair is wet. Although the directions are different, you usually use the gel form by applying penny-sized amounts to groups of curls and scrunching them up with one hand. Some types of boosters recommend that you can still dry your hair with a diffuser attached to the dryer or just read, “style as usual”.

Curl booster spray forms are usually sprayed onto the head while the hair is still wet. Some formulations claim they can be sprayed onto dry hair to revitalize drooping curls. More often, though, gel and spray enhancers work best on wet hair.

A woman with curly hair.

Any type of gel, styling spray or even mousse can be up to the task of producing more attractive curls with less frizz. Moisturizing ingredients can help your hair look smoother and shinier and protect it slightly from a harmful blow dryer. Curl enhancers, however, can be considered relatively mild forms of these products, as they shouldn’t weigh down your hair.

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Some hairspray styles are ideal for people with curly hair.

You can also use the curl enhancer if you have slightly wavy hair or are styled to create curls. Before setting, spray or add this product to your hair. This can reduce the drying time of your hair and result in curls that have a little more hold. People with wavy and slightly curly hair can use a curl enhancer to help create and shape more curls by hand.

Sometimes the gel forms in the booster dry out and leave hair feeling stiff or “crunchy”. This feeling can be avoided if you brush or comb your hair with the product, before scrunching your curls and then drying your hair. If you put too much reinforcement on the head, the hair can get a little stiff, but that can be a small price to pay for beautiful curls.

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