What is a cosmetologist?

Orange metal rods are often used to push back cuticles.

A cosmetologist is a beauty specialist trained in hair, skin and nail care. A cosmetologist may take care of a client, but they can also consult with clients and offer suggestions on attractive hairstyles, skin care options, and the best colors and proper application of cosmetics. The specialist with advanced skills can also offer therapeutic treatments and massages, and advise the client on hygiene practices and hair, skin or nail care between salon visits.

Some cosmetologists specialize in hair removal techniques, such as tucking in the eyebrow.

State laws vary, but in most cases a cosmetologist must be sixteen years of age or older, must have graduated from a state-approved cosmetology school or completed an internship, and must be licensed. To become licensed, you need to prove your skills and receive a passing grade on a written test. In some states, a high school diploma, or equivalent, is also required.

Cosmetologists often thin and shape eyebrows by pulling on them.

The cosmetologist may have few or many roles. He or she may specialize in a specific area or may be involved in general customer service. A cosmetologist can cut your hair, style your hair, or add hairpieces and highlights. He or she may also dye, bleach, freeze or condition the hair, or add a colored rinse to tone down bad color received at another store or through improper application of homemade dyes.

A cosmetologist can cut your hair, style your hair, or add hairpieces and highlights.

The cosmetologist chooses the appropriate cosmetics for the client’s color and skin tone, and can apply them or teach the client how to do it. He or she may also shape, trim, pluck and color the eyebrows or assist a client in removing unwanted facial hair. In the case of skin treatments, the cosmetologist is responsible for selecting, applying or recommending a mask, anti-aging creams, exfoliants and moisturizers that best meet the client’s needs.

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A cosmetologist may be skilled at applying nail art and artificial nails.

In nail care, the cosmetologist may clean the fingernails or toenails, treat the cuticles, file and polish the nails, apply nail polish or apply artificial nails. He or she may also provide soaks or other treatments, such as conditioners or hardeners.

Although considered an expert in the field of beauty, the cosmetologist may also be required to perform or share less specialized tasks. This can include care and cleaning of beauty implements and workstations. He or she can also answer the phone, make appointments, file, keep records, order products, and sign for deliveries.

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