What is a cool skin tone?

Jewel tones, which tend to look good on people with a cool skin tone.

Cool skin tone refers to a skin type with a bluish undertone. People typically fall into one of two skin type categories: cool or warm skin tone. Determining a person’s skin tone will allow them to learn what types of colors look best on them, for purposes of hair color, makeup, jewelry, and clothing. Cooler skin tones tend to have blue undertones, while warm skin tones have yellow undertones.

Individuals with a cool skin tone tend to look better with silver jewelry.

There are a few different ways to determine your skin tone. The first is to turn your wrist and look at the veins there. If the veins appear blue, the skin tone is cool. If they have a greenish tinge, their skin tone is warm. Another option is to hold a towel or white shirt under your face; if the face reflects yellow, it’s a warm skin tone, and if the face looks blue, it’s a cool skin tone. Finally, people with cooler skin tones may have lighter eyes than those with warmer skin tones, but this is not always the case.

People with fair skin and blue eyes tend to have cool tones to their skin.

Those with a cool skin tone tend to look best in silver jewelry. They may also wear brighter colors close to the face, such as black or pure white, while someone with warmer skin usually doesn’t look very good wearing pure white. Cool skin tones tend to look great in “jewel” tones and brighter colors too, both in clothing and in cosmetics. People with warm undertones often look best in gold and earth tone jewelry. The foundation for a fresh skin tone should have a pink color foundation.

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Whether your skin tone is warm or cool plays an important role in choosing the best makeup colors.

The ability to recognize the undertone of any color and match it to skin tone is a great skill to have, and will guarantee a wardrobe full of flattering pieces. The hair color is similar and, in general, people will look better with a hair color closer to what they were born with, at least in a low tone. A hairdresser should be able to tell which hair colors have cool undertones and which have warm undertones; this is especially important to match, because a hair color that doesn’t flatter your skin tone can look grayish and give your skin a pale, unhealthy, and unnatural appearance.

Deeper colors tend to be more flattering to fair-skinned people.

Some people are lucky enough to have a somewhat neutral skin tone and can look good in most colors. However, this is very rare. In general, it’s best to determine your skin tone as soon as possible, as this will make shopping for stylish clothes, jewelry, and makeup much easier.

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