What is a contest notification?

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Also known as a bid alert, bid notification is a process that involves contacting investors about the opportunity to purchase newly available shares. In the past, this type of notification often took place via phone calls to registered investors to be notified when and as shares became available. Since the launch of the Internet, an auction notification is typically structured to include an online delivery service that not only notifies investors of open auction opportunities, but also helps in managing the purchase of those shares.

Many companies require an investor who wants to receive a notice of bid to submit what is known as a request for a bid. While the process varies, the order should typically include some details about the minimum number of shares the investor would like to purchase. Using this approach is sometimes referred to as a closed tender, as only those who are properly registered will receive notifications.

An alternative approach to tender notification is known as a public tender. With this option, anyone can receive notifications, including current investors who have not expressed an interest in acquiring more shares. Both approaches generally provide all the data needed to proceed with a purchase if the recipient wants to. With some systems, it may be possible to actually respond to the notification to initiate the purchase, while others will require the use of a broker to initiate and complete the transaction.

Government agencies may also use a bid notification process to provide information to interested parties about outstanding bond options and similar opportunities. By registering in the bidding process management system, it is possible to know when and how the opportunities are made available and how to proceed with the purchase management. Information about different auction opportunities is sometimes processed in the same system, allowing potential investors to be informed about opportunities associated with several different agencies.

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One of the advantages of modern tender notification is that whoever receives the communications does so more or less in real time. This allows investors to learn about opportunities as soon as they become available, and possibly seize the chance to buy before all shares are disbursed. In this perspective, the notification of the tender helps to reduce the time and effort that investors have to make in the monitoring of certain opportunities, since the notifications provide all the necessary data for an informed decision.

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