What is a concave mirror? (with photos)

Concave mirrors are often used in headlights.

Sometimes referred to as a converging mirror, the concave mirror is made with a surface that curves inward. As the center of the curve is directed away from any incident light, it creates a reflection that is typically larger than the actual focal point.

This type of mirror is considered a converging device because it collects the light that falls into the bowl created by the internal bulge of the surface. This collection causes the light to refocus at a single focal length. The light is collected at different angles, as the concave nature of the bulge allows light rays to make normal contact at different depths at each point on the mirror’s surface.

Concave mirrors can be useful at home, whether it’s applying makeup or shaving.

The unique reflection created by a concave mirror makes the device extremely useful in many different devices. One of the most common applications is in the production of car headlights. By placing the light source in the center of the reflecting mirror, the result is a parallel light beam that provides good visibility for the car driver and also obvious light spots for oncoming vehicles.

The dentist uses a concave mirror to see the patient’s teeth.

Similarly, the concave mirror provides a focused beam of light for spotlights. The lens construction allows for the production of a parallel beam that can be easily directed when the spotlight is rotated or positioned. Featuring relatively easy construction, this mirror helps keep the cost of spotlights relatively low while being one of the most durable components of the device.

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Concave dental mirrors can reflect light into areas of the mouth that would otherwise be difficult to see.

The dental profession also benefits from the use of a concave mirror. It is used to focus light on the area of ​​the mouth that the dentist is working on, providing a clear reflection of the tooth or dentition. This type of mirror can be portable or mounted on the dental chair.

A concave mirror can also be very useful in the house. Men can use it while shaving as the device will provide a magnified image of the beard line. Women often wear one when applying makeup, also for its enhancing properties, since the larger image can make detailed makeup much easier to apply.

Concave mirrors are often used for shaving as they increase reflections.

Even the alternative energy field benefits from this type of mirror. Solar heating devices often use concave mirror panels as a means of collecting solar energy for storage. The bowl-shaped design helps to collect the sun’s rays and focus them into a battery system, proving to be much more efficient than some other methods of powering solar heating systems.

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