What is a computer tower?

A computer tower, also known as a computer case, is the cabinet that contains many components of a personal or office computer. Towers can come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and can be made from a wide variety of materials, including steel, plastic, and aluminum. Sizes range from small mini-towers to medium-sized towers and even full-sized towers, depending on what the computer is being used for and how powerful it is.

A computer tower is usually built around the motherboard it houses.

There are several computer components that can be commonly found in the tower of a home or office computer: the motherboard, the hard drive, the power supply, and any optical drives or floppy drives, as well as other parts. The location of these components on the computer tower usually depends on the size or shape of the tower itself, but they are also typically found in the same locations on most computers for the sake of convenience. For example, CD, DVD, or floppy drives can usually be found at the front for easy access, while the power supply is usually located at the back to keep cables out of the way.

Some computer models, called all-in-one, do not have a computer tower, but components integrated with the monitor.

A computer tower can also contain many built-in features that work with the components inside. The most obvious of these is that it needs to have a power switch built in somewhere to turn the computer on and off, but there can also be buttons and buttons used to control fans and other components. It can also contain USB, FireWire® and other types of ports that connect to the motherboard, as well as a variety of lights and sensors to inform the computer user of information such as internal temperature and processor speed.

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The tower houses all the necessary hardware components in a computer such as the CPU, motherboard, RAM, hard drives and more.

Typically, a tower is designed specifically around the type, or form factor, of the motherboard it is housing. The main types of form factors are called ATX and microATX, the latter of which is much more compact. On some home computer models known as all-in-one computers, the tower and components are integrated into the monitor, making them even more compact than a typical desktop computer.

Most computer towers are rectangular in shape.

The typical computer tower shape is rectangular, and the more generic versions usually come in beige or black. This however has become less common as more options are available for a more unique look and customers can now buy a computer in many different colors, shapes and sizes. Obviously, the bigger a tower is, the more components the user can insert. In a practice known as case modding, some people even customize their machine to be completely unique. A tower that has been modified in this way can have any number of lights, fans, artwork, transparent walls, internal cooling systems, or other unique attributes that are only limited by the owner’s imagination.

A computer tower usually contains a hard drive.

A computer tower must have a power button located somewhere to turn on the computer.

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