What is a Clicker Printer?


Almost every home has something produced by a clicker printer. A clicker press is a machine that cuts roll shapes out of soft material, such as rubber, cardboard, or leather, using a sharp piece of metal called a die. The click press is often used to make parts for shoes, wallets, and virtually any other type of cut product made from sheets of flexible material.

The process of using a clicker press to cut these materials is called die cutting. Think of it in terms of making cookies. By rolling out the cookie dough and pressing the cookie cutter into it, you are making cookies using a cut and crease process. The cookie dough being the soft raw material, and the cookie cutter works as the mold.

The manufacturing process using a clicker press has been around since the 1800s, when shoe manufacturers created manual dies to cut leather parts from shoes. Machines were invented to automate the process so that multiple cuts could be made simultaneously.

The first die cutting machines simply consisted of a manual process where material was placed on a block of wood. A die with a handle would then be placed on top of it. The operator would hit the top of the die with a hammer to force the steel die into the material and make the cut. Today, the clicker printer is an integral part of the manufacturing process and is used in many different applications, from circuit board manufacturing to playing cards.

Cutting and creasing is a manufacturing science and a craft. Die manufacturers often have their own individual industry tricks that they use to create the best dies for each specific application. The thickness and firmness of the material will determine which type of clicker press to use, as well as which type of die to manufacture. Soft or soft or elastic materials require a different technique when cutting. Depending on the material, the clicker press will include a hardened steel plate or a softer cutting surface, such as polypropylene, on which the material is placed and the die applied to cut the desired shapes.

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The printer itself is easy to operate. The clicker die is usually placed over the material by hand. Different types of cutting dies are better suited for different types of materials, and to some extent, die and die cutting machining is an art that requires some degree of trial and error to master.

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