What is a Chopper?

A chopper can be used to cut apples.

Easily one of the easiest kitchen appliances to operate, the chopper is a time-saving device that can make food preparation simpler and easier for anyone from the kitchen novice to the accomplished chef. Here is some basic information about the spring-loaded cutter, including some easy recipes you can create using the cutter.

The mincers are ideal for mincing garlic cloves.

Portable helicopters come with a clear glass body. The glass is thick enough to allow the container to be strong and still allow the user to see what is happening with the chopper during operation. Along the mouth of the glass container is a series of wires that will line up with the lid of the kitchen chopper. The lid comes with a plunger that doubles as a handle for the chopper. Inside the cap is a spring-loaded mechanism that allows the plunger to be moved quickly back and forth within the glass body.

Some cooks use a chopper to create a heavy sauce or pico de gallo.

At the end of the plunger mechanism are the cutter blades. Most chippers will be equipped with four blades extending in four different directions from the plunger body. A cover on the inside of the lid surrounds the spring loading, which helps ensure that food being chopped in the unit never touches the spring mechanism.

Operating the blade cutter is not difficult at all. First, the glass body is loaded with the food to be chopped. Once the chopper is loaded, the lid is screwed into place, creating a tight fit. At this juncture, there are two methods to use for the actual cutting. Some people prefer to hold the chopper body with their left hand, while using their right hand to dip the blades back and forth into the food. When working the plunger with the right hand, the left hand is used to rotate the body, allowing the blades to create more or less even segments of the food. Other people prefer to hold the chipper on a counter and use a clockwise motion with the plunger, turning it slightly as the blades are retracted and ready for another dip.

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Choppers are handy ways to quickly chop items like onions, garlic cloves and tomatoes to be used in soups, casseroles and casseroles. In fact, these three items, when combined with a pepper, can be used to create a robust sauce in minutes that is preservative-free and very tasty. In a similar vein, leftover boneless chicken pieces can easily be placed in the chopper along with celery and apple pieces to create the base for the chicken salad.

The manual chopper is an inexpensive item found at discount retail stores and other retail outlets. Easy to use and even easier to clean and maintain, the chopper’s glass body, along with the plastic lid and metal cutting blades are easily hand-washed and also work well in the dishwasher. Although it costs very little, the chopper brings great benefits, making it easy to cut vegetables in record time. For many cooks, having a chopper in the kitchen is considered as necessary as any pot or pan.

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