What is a cheese steak?

Cheesesteaks are an icon in the city of Philadelphia.

A cheese steak is a sandwich that originated in the American city of Philadelphia and has become a staple food found in numerous restaurants, bars, and other eateries. The sandwich primarily consists of a thinly sliced ​​and cooked steak served on a hoagie bun. It is then topped with a variety of toppings, although sautéed onions and boiled peppers are common, along with cheese. A cheese steak can also be prepared using a number of variations to create sandwiches, such as the pizza steak and the buffalo chicken sandwich.

Cheese steak has become a staple in many restaurants.

Often known as a Philadelphia cheesesteak or Philly cheesesteak, a cheesesteak sandwich usually starts with the bun. A hoagie roller is normally used. This bread can potentially consist of any type of bread, although Italian bread is traditional. The roll is divided and can be lightly toasted on the inside, depending on the preference of the cook or eater.

Cheese steak can be topped with a little pepperoni.

The meat for a cheese steak can consist of any cut of steak, although a rib or top round cut is typically used. The meat is thinly sliced ​​and cooked on a hot plate; Thicker pieces are cooked a little longer and thin pieces can sometimes be stacked or cooked on top of sliced ​​onions to keep them from overcooking. These slices of meat can be left whole or lightly chopped with a spatula during cooking.

A cheesesteak sandwich can be made with provolone or yellow cheddar cheese.

While the steak and cheese is all that is strictly necessary for a cheesesteak steak, there are a number of other toppings that can be included. Onions, especially Spanish onions, are quite popular and are usually lightly sautéed in oil to soften them and enhance their sweetness. Cooked peppers and mushrooms can also be used as toppings when desired.

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Once all of this is on the roll, cheese is placed on top to complete the sandwich. The original cheesesteak was most likely prepared with provolone cheese, which remains a favorite of many people, although American cheese can also be used. More recently, processed processed cheese has become standard in many places and this type of cheese is preferred by many cheese fillet enthusiasts.

There are a number of variations on the cheese steak that have become quite popular. A pizza steak sandwich typically consists of slices of steak that have a red pizza sauce poured over them, usually topped with some pepperoni and crumbled mozzarella cheese. Buffalo Chicken Cheese Sandwiches use chicken instead of steak, and the chicken is prepared with a spicy sauce similar to the sauce used to make buffalo chicken wings, which is usually topped with blue cheese.

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