What is a cedar closet? (with photos)

Some types of cedar provide good protection against mildew and other types of mildew.

A cedar closet is a type of closet built or paneled with cedar wood. The purpose of a cedar closet in the past was to prevent mold and mildew, as well as insect infestations, from destroying clothes stored during the winter months. While the cedar cabinet can still accomplish this task, the cedar itself should be the right kind of cedar and have enough cedar oil to keep bugs and mold at bay. These cabinets often add to the value of a home because of the natural beauty and smell of the wood, although as the oils in the wood decrease, so will the sought after cedar smell.

The smell of cedar can be irritating to young children or elderly people.

The support frame of a cedar closet can also be constructed of cedar, although to save on construction costs, many homeowners or builders choose to build the closet frame from less expensive woods. Cedar planks are then used to line the inside of the cedar closet; Cedar boards can also be used to build shelves or other features inside the closet. Since cedar is a fairly expensive wood, most modern builders use other materials where cedar is not needed, although some builders choose to use cedar as it is a high quality wood that is resistant to water damage, infestations of insects and rot.

While cedar is naturally insect repellent, it may not be enough on its own to keep insect infestations under control. Mothballs are often used to prevent insect infestations, although these small chemical balls can be highly toxic. Closing clothes in plastic bags or cans can help preserve and keep them safe, and when placed inside a cedar closet, bags or cans can offer superior protection from insects, mold and mildew.

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The scent of cedar is sweet and pleasant, although if the closet is built near a living area, such as a bedroom or living room, the odor can become unbearable. As the oils dry, the smell fades, but the cedar smell can last for years or even decades. Many homeowners like cedar for this very reason as it adds a pleasant aroma to the entire home, but care should be taken when planning a cedar closet as the scent can be irritating to people who suffer from asthma, as well as young children or children. old people. Sometimes it helps to design a closet that can be closed tightly and sealed enough that the cedar scent lingers in the closet instead of emanating throughout the house.

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