What is a captain’s bed? (with photo)

Captain’s bed integrates storage into the frame.

The captain’s bed is a specialized type of deck bed that integrates storage into the deck structure. This bedding style is very popular in homes with limited space and can be integrated into many interior design schemes. There are numerous companies that manufacture captain’s beds, but it is also possible to make one from scratch to meet specific requirements, or use a modular kit to build a captain’s bed from various elements that fit together.

As the name implies, the inspiration for the captain’s bed design comes from the beds used aboard ships. On a ship, all space is at a premium and a freestanding bed would be highly impractical. Raising the bed on a platform and including shelves or drawers for under-bed storage makes the bed more practical for the space. Classically, beds were designed as built-in to ships, for greater stability and safety and to maximize available space.

In a residence, the captain’s bed can be built-in or freestanding. Built-ins provide less flexibility when it comes to room arrangements, but they can be highly stable and may be better suited for some types of design. For example, in a studio, it might be nice to have a built-in alcove that can be closed off for privacy. In a larger home, freestanding furniture that can be moved may be more suitable, allowing people to arrange a room to their liking.

The design of the shelves and drawers under the captain’s bed may vary. Some feature roll-out storage, storage compartments that encircle the entire platform, boxes or shelves, while others attach to basic drawers. Some models may have lighted storage for easy viewing, and storage can also be integrated into the headboard and foot of the bed; in the case of a built-in, the shelves and storage can fully envelop the bed. A variant of the basic captain’s bed can include a trundle that slides under the bed when not in use.

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This type of bed becomes especially solid and resistant, in addition to being practical. This can be an advantage for heavier people, who may not feel completely secure in frame beds, and for a bed used in an earthquake-prone area. The ability to modify the design for custom needs can allow people to add features like a shoebox for shoe storage or a hidden safe for valuables.

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