What is a Burden Beast?

Elephants can be used as beasts of burden.

A pack animal is a domesticated animal that has been trained to transport people or goods. Pack animals tend to be large-scale domesticated animals so they can carry heavy loads, with the exception to this rule being the dog, an animal that has been widely used as a pack animal in the arctic regions of the world. The use of domesticated animals to transport goods and people is ancient, with some researchers suggesting it may predate agriculture, as dogs were domesticated by hunter-gatherer societies.

Oxen are considered beasts of burden.

Different animals are used all over the world as beasts of burden. Some common examples are: elephants, donkeys, horses, yaks, oxen, mules, yaks, buffalo, camels, llamas, reindeer and buffalo. Most modern pack animals are farm-raised, and some are the result of centuries of breeding strength and temperament, although some, like Asian elephants, are wild-caught and trained. In some cases, years of breeding have resulted in a very refined animal that differs radically from its wild counterparts.

Camels have been used to transport goods across arid terrain for thousands of years.

Handlers can use a beast of burden in a variety of ways. Some animals are trained to be driven by humans or to pull a means of transport, such as a sled, cart, or sled that can be loaded with loads or people. Other pack animals are trained as pack animals, to carry loads strapped to their bodies. Some have special abilities, such as elephants, which assist in logging operations by using their trunks to manipulate wood.

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Donkeys are considered beasts of burden.

Working animals have been displaced in some regions by mechanized transport, but in other areas, they are an important part of society. Much of the developing world relies heavily on beasts of burden for transport and on work animals for tasks such as plowing. Historically, working animals were essential for transporting goods across large tracts of land, and merchants traveled in huge caravans with hundreds of animals to bring materials for trade with other nations.

Horses are considered beasts of burden.

A pack animal may come to be seen as an important member of the family, but these animals are not pets. As with other work animals, pack animals should not be interfered with when they are working or using a harness, unless their handlers specify that it is appropriate to approach or pat the animal. The heavy loads borne by many working animals require their full attention and concentration, and they can be frightened or injured by an approaching stranger, even with innocent intentions.

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