What is a building cleaner?

The job of a building cleaner often involves standard janitorial services.

A building cleaner, commonly referred to as a commercial janitor, is the person responsible for cleaning and maintaining all areas of a commercial or industrial building or group of buildings, also known as a complex. Usually, she is in charge of a cleaning crew. Crew may be required to carry out all maintenance work or specific jobs may be assigned to individuals based on experience and expertise.

A building cleaner is responsible for maintaining areas of a public building.

The job of a cleaning lady or her staff traditionally includes basic janitorial duties. This includes sweeping, vacuuming and mopping floors, emptying trash and cleaning bathrooms. Dusting furniture and fixtures and cleaning windows and mirrors are also often part of the job. If outdoor maintenance is part of the contract, it typically should mow lawns, trim shrubs, do water landscaping, and keep the outdoors free of trash and debris.

The exterior of a building should be cleaned occasionally.

A building cleaner typically contracts a monthly, semi-annual or annual service contract with the owner or manager of the building or complex. The contract usually contains very specific terms about the areas to be cleaned, as well as the frequency of service. The contract typically specifies whether the cleaner is responsible for maintaining and cleaning only the interior of the building or also the land and landscaping.

Cleaning outside windows and light fixtures is among the jobs performed by building cleaners.

Other terms regularly covered in the maintenance agreement pertain to the environmental safety of the cleaning materials being used and special considerations for cleaning delicate surfaces and materials. Periodic deep cleaning projects, such as air duct cleaning, carpet washing, or floor stripping and refinishing, are often included in the terms of the contract. If the facility includes cleanroom environments or laboratories, specific guidelines for maintaining these areas are usually included.

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In some circumstances, the scope of a building cleaner’s responsibilities extends to include building maintenance. She may be asked to monitor the performance of electrical and plumbing systems and perform minor repairs to them. Adjusting heating and cooling systems to levels prescribed by the owner or manager can be part of your job.

Being physically fit, being able to move furniture and operating heavy cleaning equipment such as floor polishers and wax applicators are typical requirements for success in this position. In addition, a building cleaner is typically required to have a thorough understanding of chemical cleaning solutions and how to use them safely. Good communication skills are typically required to effectively manage your team and inform management of issues that require the attention of more experienced professionals.

Typically, a high school diploma or equivalent is required to be a building cleaner. Experience in a commercial or industrial maintenance environment is generally considered an asset. Knowledge of the safe use of chemical compounds is often an advantage.

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