What is a breaded pork chop?

A bowl of sour cream, which is usually served with breaded pork chops.

Breaded pork chop is a cut of breaded and fried pork. It is often eaten as a main meal or placed in sandwiches for lunch. Variants of the breaded pork chop exist all over the world, including Austria’s schnitzel, Poland’s kotlety schabowy, and Japanese tonkatsu. The schnitzel was first recorded in Vienna in the 1400s, but it may have existed around the world before that. Breaded pork chops are relatively easy to make and are accompanied by a wide variety of side dishes.

Applesauce, which is often served with breaded pork chops.

Pork chops can be made from various cuts of pork. Pork chops can be used, but sirloin cuts are more common. The meat needs to be fresh and tender, making sirloin one of the best cuts. The center portions tend to provide the most tender meat, while the shoulder blade cuts are fattier and the sirloin cuts are more bony.

Traditionally, a breaded pork chop is first hammered with a meat hammer. This makes the cut thinner and therefore easier to cook. A thin cut cooks faster than a thicker one, which means the breadcrumbs are less likely to burn.

Breadcrumbs are commonly used to make breaded pork chops.

After thinning, the cut is dredged in three basins. The first bowl contains flour, the second bowl contains beaten eggs and the last bread bran. An alternative to bread crumbs is Japanese panko crumbs. The breaded pork chop is then fried in fat or fried in oil until the breadcrumbs are golden and crispy. The frying process takes just a few minutes, making breaded pork chops a quick meal to prepare.

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Pork loin is most commonly used to make pork chops.

Schnitzel is an Austrian dish from Vienna with variants all over the world. The traditional schnitzel is made from veal, but many variants, including those found in Austria, use pork chops. A breaded pork chop schnitzel is usually served with garnish and potato salad, but can also be served with mushrooms, bacon and onions.

Rantott hus is a Hungarian version of the schnitzel that usually uses pork. It is eaten with fries, rice or mashed potatoes and a cucumber salad. Hungarians tend to eat the meat with a sour cream called tejfol or with ketchup and mayonnaise. Rantott hus is usually eaten as a Sunday meal or at festivals and special occasions.

Different cuts of pork can be used for pork chops, although sirloin cuts are more common.

Kotlety schabowy is another variation that comes from Poland, although it may predate the schnitzel. Before the pork chop is dredged in the flour, egg and breadcrumbs, it is soaked in milk for a few minutes while the oil heats up. It is usually served with apple sauce or sour cream and with pierogi or a salad.

In Japan, the breaded pork chop is cut into strips and served with boiled rice, Worcestershire sauce, and miso soup to form tonkatsu. As an alternative to Worcestershire sauce, tonkatsu can be served with miso sauce to make Nagoya miso katsu. Katsudon is a variant of tonkatsu that places sliced ​​pork chop on top of rice along with shallots, grated daikon, and partially cooked omelet.

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