What is a Bookwalter Retractor™?

Retractors come in a variety of sizes, widths and blade styles.

A Bookwalter Retractor™ is a type of surgical instrument made by Codman & Shurtleff, Inc. It is sold with a collection of other medical tools labeled the Bookwalter Retractor Kit, used to hold open a surgical incision to expose the part of the body being operated on. As of March 2011, the Bookwalter Retractor Kit is in its second production generation.

Surgical equipment includes all of the tools that would assist a qualified medical professional in performing surgery to repair, remove, or alter body tissue.

A retractor in the medical field is defined as a tool that the surgeon uses to separate or retain the edges of a surgical incision, with the abdomen or chest being the most common sites. This is done so that they can have much better access to the area of ​​the body they intend to operate on. Retractors are generally manufactured as steel hand tools, with one end serving as the spreader and the other end being the handle. Some retractors were made for application to a robotic arm for operation.

The Bookwalter Retractor is commonly used during open chest procedures.

The Bookwalter Retractor™ follows the conventional manufacturing method, being made of steel. Therefore, it is similar to retractors such as the Deaver retractor and the Richardson retractor. The former is designed as a curved blade, while the latter has an L-shaped blade and a bulky handle.

Senn retractors are also made of steel and are similar to the Richardson retractor in that they are also L-shaped. Senn is a dual-ended tool. Additionally, the Senn Retractor is used for hand and foot surgery, unlike tools like the Bookwalter Retractor™ which is used for abdominal and thoracic operations.

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The Bookwalter Retractor Kit II, which comprises 18 components, actually provides four Bookwalter Retractor ™ blades for enlarging surgical incisions. They vary in size according to the thickness or strength of the organs or tissues that need to be removed. Sizes include 2 by 3 inches (51 by 76 mm), 2 by 4 inches (51 mm by 10.1 cm), 2 by 5 inches (51 mm by 12.7 cm), and 2 by 6 inches (51 mm by 10.1 cm). 15.2cm) . Bookwalter Retractor™ blades are used in a variety of surgical procedures. These include cholecystectomy, which involves removing the gallbladder; appendectomy or removal of the appendix; and hernia repair, which refers to getting rid of abnormal bulges in the abdomen.

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