What is a Boob Job?

After a mastectomy, a woman may wish to have breast reconstructive surgery or breast surgery.

A boob job is a slang term for breast enlargement by plastic surgery. Some people refer to women’s breasts as boobs. When a woman has breast implants inserted, some people may say that she has had a breast lift. Breast augmentation surgery is especially common in Western societies, where the size of a woman’s breasts is often taken into account when judging her attractiveness.

Breast augmentation is the most popular elective surgery in the United States.

Breast augmentation is the most popular elective surgery in the United States, with over 300,000 breast surgeries performed each year. Flexible pockets of silicone gel or saline are placed under the skin and pectoral muscles of the breast area, resulting in a rounder, fuller shape. About two thirds of women work on their breasts for cosmetic reasons and one third for health reasons.

Silicone implants tend to have a more authentic feel than saline breast implants.

The first recorded breast augmentation was in 1895 by the Austrian surgeon Vincenz Czerny. He used a woman’s own fatty tissue to reconstruct one of her breasts after cancer surgery. Other surgeons have tried a variety of unusual and dangerous breast implants, including balls made from ivory, rubber or wool. In the 1950s, a surgical method was developed to rotate the muscular wall to reconstruct the breast. In the 1960s, thousands of women sought out breast injections, causing permanent disfigurement in many of them.

Like any surgical procedure, breast augmentation surgery has inherent risks and dangers.

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In the 21st century, breast augmentation has been refined to be safe and predictable surgery. Breast implants today are available in different sizes, depending on the patient’s wishes. The outer shells are made of tough, rubberized silicone and filled with either silicone gel or saline. The implants are inserted through a small incision that can be made under the breast, along the armpit or in the abdomen to reduce visible scarring. Saline implants are not filled until they are in place, allowing for a smaller incision and smaller scar.

Breast implant surgery is usually a same-day surgery.

The threat of breast cancer leads some at-risk women to have their breasts surgically removed and undergo breast surgery. Also, many women who have had breast cancer will have breast reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy. Up to a quarter of all breast surgeries are for a second surgery due to medical complications.

Some women have complained of illnesses which, according to them, can only be caused by using the breasts. Both silicone and saline are benign substances with no known side effects, and the medical community cannot find a connection. It is extremely rare for breast implants to rupture, but there have been some cases where a rupture has developed and the silicone gel has seeped into the body cavity; this too should not cause harmful effects. However, some surgeons recommend that implants be replaced after ten to fifteen years, just in case.

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