What is a bone saw?

A bone saw can be used to cut cuts of meat.

A bone saw is a type of saw that is designed to cut through bone. There are several different styles of bone saws available, along with bone cutters such as shears and scissors. Bone-cutting saws are sold through manufacturers of surgical and autopsy equipment for use in the healthcare professions and by restaurant vendors for use in cooking and butchery.

Bone saws have surgical applications.

When it comes to saws for use in surgery, there are a number of designs for the surgeon to choose from depending on the type of procedure being performed. The Stryker saw, for example, is an oscillating saw that easily cuts through bone but doesn’t damage skin. A Gigli saw consists of strands of wire used to cut through bone, while a sternal saw is similar to a jigsaw and is used to open the sternum to gain access to the chest cavity.

Masks should be worn when using a bone saw in surgery.

Small hand saws are also available for cutting bone. In all cases, a bone saw used in surgery is designed to be sterilized between uses. These saws are very tough with hard edges that maintain their sharpness as surgeons want to work with sharp tools to ensure clean, even cuts that minimize patient harm. Whether a bone saw is being used in an amputation or craniotomy, it is important to avoid damage from the saw and to select an appropriate saw for the job.

A bone saw can be used during an autopsy.

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When using a bone saw in surgery or autopsy, full face protection should be worn. The face shield includes a mask that covers the mask and nose along with eye protection. This prevents people from inhaling bone dust or causing eye damage as a result of flying bone chips. Masks are generally used anyway in these environments to avoid cross-contamination, but eye protection is not always standard and it is important to make sure it is provided for safety.

A bone saw can be used during an amputation.

In the world of butchery and cooking, a bone saw is simply a sturdy saw that can be used to cut through bones when butchering cuts and preparing meat for cooking. In this case, the ability to clean the saw well between uses to avoid cross-contamination is desired, but the saw does not have to withstand the tough chemicals and autoclaves used in medicine. Home cooks may choose to keep a set of bone shears for tasks like cutting chicken breast bone, but generally don’t need bone saws because their meat has been properly butchered beforehand.

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